We're very pleased to announce our new partnership with Vetoquinol, one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world. Vetoquinol often gives back to the equine community, and has created a partnership with Dressage BC.

To start with, Vetoquinol is offering 43 prizes plus $200 in cash to fill out their survey.

Coming in 2017, a $1500 grant!

To be eligible to win, please fill out the survey. On Dressage BC's Facebook post about this subject, enter the comment "done", and share. If you're not on Facebook, fill out the survey and send an email to dressagebc@gmail.com with the subject line "survey completed". The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Survey link : http://research.cfrinc.net/kyn16394y/


$200 cash
30 Tim Horton Gift Cards Start with $5-$10 dollars
10 boxes of Zylkene Equine (natural calming remedy)
3 pails of Nutrequin Elite 3kg (vitamin and mineral supplement)


Vetoquinol has commissioned Kynetec Animal Health to conduct the survey with performance horse owners. This is an anonymous survey; you do not need to identify yourself to participate. Your feedback will play an important part in Vetoquinol’s future planning with respect to their Equine Online Digital Strategies.

As a gesture of appreciation for your time, Vetoquinol has made the above noted prizes to Dressage BC to the winning members who fill out the survey.

Please read the instructions carefully and then complete the survey.  If you have any problems completing the survey, please email research@cfr.misn.com and please quote survey number: 16394

To complete the online survey, please click the URL shown above, or copy it into the address bar of your internet browser.  If you copy the link, please make sure to copy the entire link.  Once at the website please click on the “begin survey” button.

We would like you to complete this survey as soon as possible, but no later than December 20, 2016.

To help the Dressage BC receive the partnership benefits from Vetoquinol, your participation is very important!  Thank you for your time and input. It is sincerely appreciated.  

Best regards,
WJ (Noni) Hartvikson
President, Dressage BC