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Grants & Awards


Funding Opportunities for Dressage Enthusiasts


*Dressage BC members may apply for multiple grants, but only one grant may be awarded per person, per year.

Carnarvon Farm
(Jane Macdonald)

These two Carnarvon Farm Grants, worth $500, will assist two Adult Amateur members in their pursuit of dressage education. These grants are specifically designed for Adult Amateurs who have actively participated in dressage competitions within the past year, encompassing levels ranging from Training to Third Level.

Eligible riders are encouraged to utilize the funds to attend a dressage clinic of their preference, thus fostering their growth and expertise in the sport. To apply, please ensure that all the required information is thoroughly provided within the written submission section of the application form. 

Blue Heron Farms
(Wendy & Gordon Christoff)

The Developing FEI Rider Grant, valued at $500, is exclusively available to Dressage BC members who have showcased their talents in dressage competitions at 4th Level or above over the past year. Priority consideration will be extended to riders planning to invest the grant in equestrian education, particularly at a Provincial or National Symposium. We kindly request that all essential details are provided in the written submission section of the application form. This grant serves as a valuable opportunity to support and nurture our dedicated riders as they continue to progress in their dressage journey.

Leslie Reid Living
Legacy Award

This award honors Leslie Reid's contribution to dressage in BC and recognizes excellence in BC riders competing at PSG level and above. The recipient will have their name on a bronze plaque displayed on a Vanessa Whittell painting, which will hang permanently in the High Point Clubhouse. To be eligible, you must be a DBC member and a current BC resident. You need to submit your top 3 scores from Small Tour and above, with one score from each of 3 BC Gold shows, whether from a single judge or panel score. Submit your scores via the online form on the DBC website by October 31, 2023. The winner will be announced and awarded at the DBC AGM. Be sure to provide all necessary information in the written submission section of the application form.

Timothy Sorfleet Education Grant
(10 Grants of $250)

With a generous endowment, we're offering ten $250 education grants to DBC members who participated in a dressage clinic between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023. Seven grants are reserved for junior/amateur riders, and three are available for open riders.

These grants honor Timothy Sorfleet, a respected Equestrian Canada dressage judge and coach known for his mentorship and sportsmanship. To apply, visit the DBC portal and provide clinic details (clinician, cost, date, location) and share your most significant learning experience from the clinic. All applicants are entered into a draw, with seven grants for junior/amateur riders and three for open riders. The draw occurs at the DBC AGM, December 3, 2023, and the application deadline is October 31, 2023.

Cowichan Dressage Grant
(Cowichan Dressage Club)

The Cowichan Dressage Grant, valued at $500, is exclusively available to Dressage BC members who reside on Vancouver Island with preference given to riders who live in the Cowichan Valley. The purpose of the grant is to help support rider development in dressage with clinics, travel costs, lessons, competitions or other horse owner expenses. 


With the closure of the Cowichan Dressage Club in 2023, funding for this grant is provided by funds earned in the Cowichan Valley and will be supporting the grant until 2034. To apply for the grant please include a written submission including some of the dressage activities you participated in this year and any future plans for the upcoming year. Application deadline is October 31, 2023.

Image by Marylou Fortier


Dressage BC's Coaching Award serves the purpose of recognizing the contributions of dressage coaches at all levels, motivating and highlighting excellence in coaching. Eligibility criteria include current membership with Dressage BC, coaching athletes on a Provincial or National team, or demonstrating significant contributions to individual dressage performance or coaching advancement. The submission deadline is October 31, 2023, and the award presentation will take place at the AGM. Nominations may be made using the online submission form.

Horse Legs



​Dressage BC is supporting BC dressage shows with funding. Dressage BC wants to contribute and support the shows in all areas of BC. Request for funding can be made prior or post event up to October 31, 2023 for 2023 Dressage Events. 

  • $50 towards Provincial HCBC Dressage Shows

  • $100 towards Bronze, Silver or Gold Dressage Shows

  • Please upload a .jpeg copy of the show license with your online application form 

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