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 Awards and Grants Program

This program recognizes the financial challenges that riders encounter in pursuing their dressage education goals. The Awards and Grants Committee takes delegated responsibility on behalf of the Dressage BC Board of Directors for ensuring that Dressage BC delivers an annual Grants and Awards Program that foster membership education to help individuals and their horses progress through the levels.

Definitions:  Grants are money or services given based on performance and/or financial need. Awards are prizes based on performance.

Awards and Grants Committee


  • the work of the Committee is confidential.

  •  the business of the committee will be confined to the acceptance and disbursal of corporate or private donations;

  • the members of the committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Board;

  • the committee will be chaired by the President;

  • business will be carried out primarily by email and telephone;

  • the committee will submit a written report each year to the Board Executive which includes the list of disbursements and recipients;

  • the Board Executive will review and approve the recommendations of the committee and ensure that funds are paid out in a timely manner;

  • the committee will provide a report at the AGM;

  • working with the Grants set by the Committee, the President will work with the committee members to review and rank grant applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors; and

  • the Chair of the committee will ensure that funding is payable either through Dressage BC or direct to the person, event or clinic.


Policy and Procedure

  • Funding and or services will be awarded on the basis of the merit of the information supplied by the applicant and all applications will be evaluated on a year by year basis;

  • Business will be carried out in person or by email;

  • Applications must be submitted using the online form; 

  • Applications must be submitted by the date stated in the Grant or Award description;

  • Funding will be awarded to DBC members who are domiciled in the Province of BC;

  • the Committee will do business by email and meet by phone or face to face as necessary;

  • Individual donations will be deemed donations to general revenue to be paid unless stipulated otherwise by the donor at the time of making the donation; and

  • the Chair of the committee will ensure prior to pay out, that backup documentation is submitted by the Grant recipient(s).

Annual General Meeting 

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually in early December, following the conclusion of the fiscal year (October 31). Notice of the AGM will be posted to the Dressage BC website and emailed to members no later than 21 days prior to the meeting.


AGM Business

  • Registration of members, voting and non-voting.

  • Adoption of the rules of order.

  • Distribution of document package (agenda, annual report, minutes of last AGM, etc.).

  • Welcome and introductions.

  • Declaration of quorum according to the by-laws.

  • Business arising from minutes of the last AGM.

  • Report from President.

  • Questions/discussion of this information.

  • Report from Treasurer, presentation of financial statements, questions.

  • Election or confirmation of Board members according to by-laws.

  • Any other business according to by-laws.

  • Adjournment of business meeting.

  • Grants and Awards are presented to recipients following the conclusion of the AGM.

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