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To combine education, awards, grants, and a network of support to promote dressage in BC.

  1. Recognition: Provide annual recognition, via our Awards program, of rider achievement in dressage in the province of BC.

  2. Financial Assistance: Through our grant sponsors, provide financial assistance to qualifying dressage riders in BC who participate in shows and clinics throughout the year.

  3. Quality Education: Support the delivery of high-quality education opportunities in partnership with Horse Council BC and the West Coast Dressage Development Program.

  4. Sustainable Dressage: Aid in the promotion of sustainable dressage within regional areas of the province.

  5. Local Clinics: Endorse and promote educational clinics at local facilities.

  6. Needs Assessment: Identify and address the educational and training requirements of riders to assist in their growth and progress.

  7. Membership Growth: Evaluate the organization's performance by monitoring and fostering the growth of our membership base.

Horse Grazing



Dressage BC is a grassroots provincial program that promotes and supports the development of dressage. It supports educational opportunities and provides a network that helps riders develop and progress through the levels within their geographic area. Dressage BC collaborates with organizations such as Horse Council BC and the West Coast Dressage Development Program.


To support members throughout the province through awards, grants, and educational opportunities across  different age groups:

  • Junior and Youth (under 18)

  • Adult (ages 19-49)

  • Senior (age 50+)

  • Open (19+)

We recognize excellence with sponsored awards presented annually,  and grants are administered by the Grants and Awards Committee on an annual basis.

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